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Youth Travel, under the brand Tribe Schoolies, is an Official Schoolies provider, offering end-of-year High School trips to highly desired Schoolies destinations for Australian students.

For over 20 years, in association with our international travel and events partners, we have delivered unique travel experiences for young adults transitioning from High School to the next chapter in their life, throughout North America. We have successfully provided College Spring-Break tours, as well as end-of-year trips for countless students across North America to holiday destinations such as Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach (Florida), Las Vegas (Nevada), South Padre Island (Texas) and Cancun (Mexico).

In Australia, Tribe Schoolies offers unique holiday experiences that captures the cultural changes in the youth market. These changes influence individual freedom and an attitude that has a positive effect of how students want to live their lives.

Tribe Schoolies brings their experience to deliver fun packed, once-in-a-lifetime, end of high school celebrations, with resort-style accommodation, live entertainment, events with hot-on rotation music artists, guest appearances from highly sought-after TV celebrities, and day trips to the most popular holiday attractions. Tribe Schoolies provides a total holiday experience that will leave a lifetime of memories.

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